Pimp My SBCT Round 3 - The Amphibious Assault Brigade Combat Team (AABCT)

The USMC is moving away from large-scale amphibious assaults towards smaller, battalion-and-below formations and EABO.  However, the US Military may still find itself in need of performing such an assault as part of a broader forcible-entry operation. What’s needed is a “relatively” inexpensive way to land a large, mobile, armored force in short order.  So how about give the large-scale amphibious assault mission to the Army?  Switch three IBCTs (roughly a division) over to an Amphibious Assault Brigade Combat Team (AABCT), an organization mirroring the SBCT, but replacing the ~300 Strykers with the USMC ACV.

In this way, existing, land-based SBCT doctrine and training could remain the same.  The AABCT could be used in more or less the same ways and same situations as an SBCT.  ACVs are somewhat heavier and larger than Strykers so the logistics elements in the SBCT might need a bit of a bump.
Perhaps do away with the goofy overhead 105mm MGS for a proper turret.

Also consider replacing s…