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Bring on the Sea Gryphon!

(aka Land-based Maritime Strike Tomahawk) BGM-109 Gryphon GLCM ( With the US withdrawal from the INF Treaty, the US Army and/or Marine Corps should immediately reconstitute the USAF BGM-109 Gryphon GLCM system using the modern Maritime Strike Tomahawk.   They should stand up independently deployable Gryphon companies and battalions that can be deployed to Europe and the Pacific to greatly bolster anti-ship and land attack capabilities in the region. The Marines and Army have made noises about developing land-based maritime strike capabilities, but the weapons considered to date are just too short-ranged (e.g. 115 mile range NSM, 190 mile range ATACMS) to have a major impact, given the limited number and location of potential bases. Maritime Strike Tomahawk's 1,000 mile range can cover large portions of the theater from a handful of friendly operating areas. Forward-deployed Gryphon battalions in Thailand and Japan can hit targets throughout most of the Ch