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MOCM - Massive Ordinance Cruise Missile

Background Short of nuclear weapons, there are certain military targets that simply demand a Really Big Bomb (RBB).  Smaller ordinance just won't do.  And not just any RBB, such targets require a bomb with considerable earth and concrete penetration.  These targets include super-hardened airfield hangars; submarine pens; command and control facilities; and WMD storage, research and production facilities. From Effects of Nuclear Earth-Penetrator and Other Weapons  on Strategic Hardened and Deeply Buried Targets, BASIC FACTS AND ESTIMATES Following is a concise list of background facts and estimates relating to HDBTs: Potential U.S. adversaries worldwide are using underground facilities to conceal and protect their leadership, military and industrial personnel, weapons, equipment, and other assets and activities. These facilities include hardened surface bunkers and tunnel facilities deep underground. Many underground command, control, and communications (C3) complexes an