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New Family of Missiles for the Infantry

Rationale  Man-portable and vehicle-mounted Anti-Tank Guided Missiles (ATGMs) have shown value across the combat spectrum.  Even in conflicts without significant armor threats, these missiles have been used as long-range bunker busters and anti-personnel munitions.  Uday and Qusay Hussein reportedly died in their house under an intense TOW barrage. Uday and Qusay Hussein's house under attack by TOW missiles ATGMs also form the cornerstone of anti-armor capabilities for light and medium units, and significantly enhance the anti-armor firepower of heavy units. Background The US Army has been stuck in a missile rut for some time now.  After the failures of EFOG-M and Netfires/NLOS-LS, the Army appears content to produce minor updates to Javelin and TOW anti-tank missiles. However other countries, notably Israel, have moved on in dramatic fashion. The Rafael Spike family of missiles has expanded to include five distinct variants. Mini-Spike Rafael Mini-Spike